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Click to enlarge Flags, Sanur Beach                              

                                                                                       BALI FLAGS - UMBUL UMBUL

                                                                          BALI CEREMONIAL WHITE WEDDING FLAGS

Bali is a land of ceremonies and festivals and part of these celebrations are the decorative Bali  Flags (umbul umbuls) and umbrellas in the local temples, the villages, along the roadsides and along the beaches.  You really know you are in Bali when you see these.

Maybe you would like a little part of Bali at your place.  These flags really dress up your outdoor area for that exotic look or can be used up driveways or for commercial premises
and corporate events.  

Have you have added a Balinese pavilion to you property and you need that authentic finishing touch. 
Our standard flags are 5 metres and 4.5 metres long.  We also have a range of Balcony Flags which are 2.3 metres in length, allowing 1.5 metres on the pole. 
These flags are also ideal for smaller gardens.

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WHITE BALI WEDDING FLAGS (parachute fabric)
UW24      $20.00 ea       (5 metres high)*
                $18.00 ea    (4.5 metres high)*
    $12.00 ea    (2.3 metres high)*

These flags are perfect for that romantic wedding setting. 
Imagine walking down an outside aisle lined with these
beautiful White Balinese Wedding Flags. 
These flags are very popular at garden or beach weddings.

For help planning your Balinese garden or your garden
wedding, information can be found at:

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WHITE/GOLD BALI WEDDING FLAGS (parachute fabric) - exclusive to Offerings Online
WG11      $22.00 ea    (5 metres high only)
This wedding flag is white with the border and the tail in a gold and white fabric.
This flag will add a special extra touch to your wedding.

ew shipment arrived of these popular wedding flags.



COLOURED BALI FLAGS (parachute fabric):

    5 metres high   $20.00 each 
4.5 metres high    $18.00 each
2.3 metres high    $12.00 each 

Click to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlargePalePinkFlag

     UY28           UO23            UG25              UB22            UR21           UP26           UH27            UL30            UK29            UI31
  YELLOW      ORANGE        GREEN             BLUE             RED           PURPLE     HOT PINK        LIME           BLACK           PINK
RainbowFlag - click to enlarge



      *5 metres   =     4 metres of fabric on pole
   *4.5 metres   =     3 metres of fabric on pole
   *2.3 metres   =  1.5 metres of fabric on pole 
Poles for Bali Flags

Bamboo gives a beautiful natural look to your flags and is always the preferred product for your poles - check to see if you have a bamboo farm in your area.
If bamboo is unavailable,
 PVC piping, electrical conduit or dowel can be used to fly your flags which will give a bend to your flag. We suggest dowel for the 2.3m flags. 
All of these products can be bought at hardware stores.

Telescopic Poles
 - Don't pay too much for your telescopic poles and pole holders. 
These are available from Haverford Pty Ltd in various sizes at extremely good prices. 
Inground pole holders are also available.

According to Balinese tradition, the poles should always have a bend in them

"the stronger you are, the more you must look down with respect to those below you".

A good little tip is to either tie the umbul at the top of the pole or put a small rubber band around it to stop the umbul creeping up the pole. 
This also makes the end of the umbul umbul hang a little better. 

                                           Buy from us direct and pay domestic postage only
                                        We have paid the international freight charges for you


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                Are you a retailer? - please contact us regarding wholesale quantities and prices.                                                      

As our flags are handmade in a village in Bali, there may be slight variations in fabric and colour.